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Statement of Purpose

The Riverland Domestic Violence Unit Inc. (RDVU) is committed to providing safety and support to women and children experiencing domestic violence.

It is envisaged that through the incorporation of social justice principles the RDVU will play a significant role in empowering and healing survivors of domestic violence to enhance their potential to reach personal, social and economic goals.

In response to the universal recognition to promote women’s integrity, dignity, equality, diversity and potential within society, the RDVU will actively facilitate community education programs.


To provide safe, secure accommodation and support to women and children experiencing domestic violence regardless of race, age, sexuality, culture, spiritual beliefs, or circumstance.

To provide a safe and supportive atmosphere in a non-institutional and culturally sensitive environment where women are encouraged to make their own decisions.

To provide information, resources and options to all women and children and to work towards creating greater access to services for women and children.

To provide resources for the special needs of children.

To provide ongoing support as appropriate to women and children after they leave the accommodation service and to provide appropriate links into relevant community networks.

To promote a healthy rapport with other agencies within the community.

To promote the status of women and equal access to opportunities within society.

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