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Remember, no-one ever deserves to be abused.
Nobody ever deserves to be treated violently.

Ph : 1300 782 200

If you are...

  • Living in a violent relationship and unsure what to do
  • Wanting to leave a violent relationship
  • Or just wanting to talk about what is happening to you

  • We can help by...

  • Facilitating access for you and your children to safe accommodation.
  • Telephone counselling available between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.
    A social worker will answer the phone
  • Providing information on accommodation, police, legal, housing and financial issues.
  • Women are able to revisit the Domestic Violence Crisis Service personalised service at critical times throughout their experience of domestic violence.
  • Providing professional face-to-face short term counselling.
  • Some facts about Domestic Violence...

  • Domestic violence is the most common form of assault.
  • Women are most at risk of violence in their own home.
  • Physical violence from your partner is against the law.
  • Domestic violence happens in all kinds of families, from all backgrounds. You may experience abuse from a partner, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or son. It is mostly done by men against women and adults against children.

    Domestic violence is not only physical abuse...

    EMOTIONAL VIOLENCE is any behaviour aimed at frightening you or stripping you of your self esteem and confidence, or isolation you from your family and friends.

    VERBAL VIOLENCE is when you are consistantly called names, insulted, or told you deserve abuse.

    SEXUAL VIOLENCE includes any sexual behaviour that has been imposed or forced on you without you giving your consent freely.

    FINANCIAL VIOLENCE is when the money given to you is inadequate and you are blamed for not making ends meet; you have to ask for money all the time; you get no money at all.

    All people have an essential right to respect, safety and self-determination.

    Domestic Violence is an abuse of power, which undermines and destroys these essential rights and perpetuates structural imbalances political, economic, legal, and social within our community.

    The Domestic Violence Crisis Service Inc aims to redress these imbalances by providing services to women and children, informed by feminist principles of respect, empowerment, equality and participation.

    Women using the Domestic Violence Crisis Service have the right to...

  • Crisis Counselling
  • Up to date information
  • Exploration of alternative options
  • Appropriate referrals
  • Courtesy and respect without discrimination because of colour ethnicity religion sexuality or disability
  • Confidentiality
  • Anonymity
  • Change their mind
  • Revisit the domestic Violence Crisis Service
  • Fair investigation of any complaint.

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